Saturday, November 15, 2014

Our new hashtag, and what it's all about... 

In the world of fashion, black represents the standard, the uniform, the flattering.  It has been for a long time the go-to for fashion.  

Here at TAESSA CHORNY, the jumpsuit is the new black.  It has become the standard, the uniform, the go-to outfit for every day and every night.  The jumpsuit is the best new outfit to hit your wardrobe!  


Tuesday, November 11, 2014


Life has changed (for the amazing) over the past year with the birth of our daughter, Aurelia.
A shift in design thinking as well has occurred.  Here's the story.

PRE BABY- I can admit that most evenings before going out I would spend quality time discussing the outfit of the evening with a girlfriend, or two.  Everything down to the shoes and jewellery was up for consideration.  I would lay out my outfit, and try on a few different options in front of the mirror.  I had time to make these decisions, and they were important ones for the evening ahead.  And I went out feeling like a million bucks!

POST BABY- I still lay out clothing choices, but now it's outfits for my daughter.  Packing her bag with cute ensembles, and enough of them, is top priority.  After that, it's all a bonus!  

Some time during the first months after Aurelia's birth, it happened.  I still wanted that million bucks feeling, but needed decisions made faster and easier.  


The jumpsuit, the all encompassing outfit that had me not thinking about pants and skirts going with blouses and tops.  It would be that amazing garment of clothing that thought for itself.  To me, this was the greatest revelation in a long while.

Only a few criteria needed to be met for THE JUMPSUIT SHIFT.  Comfort, ease of wear, luxury, and a hint of sexiness.  Pockets too!  If I can get away with one less bag to carry around, I'm a happy mama.

So, once I had a good sleep routine set with Aurelia, I was off to the races!  Naptime and after dinner had become the new work routine.  

I hope the debut collection has done my name proud.  Here's a few of my favourites I can't wait to wear when the weather gets warmer. 




Monday, November 10, 2014


We recently travelled to Denmark for a little family vacay getaway (a first overseas with our little lady). Denmark is quintessentially picturesque, progressive, and pretty cool- people, design, and way of life. 

We look forward to revisiting next September again!  Here is our best of...