Thursday, August 1, 2013

To dress for myself or my man?

I have been facing a bit of a dilemma this week in the wardrobe department this week. Most people would assume for a designer it can't be possible, unfortunately it is.

Just as every other woman, I too have moments of "nothing to wear", raiding my closet, and once in a blue moon shopping and nothing is working.

Since becoming a designer years ago, I have barely walked into another clothing store with an intent to purchase.  I look to see what other designers are doing, I enjoy observing how some boutiques present their clothing, and love window shopping, especially the fun windows!

However, with a Black Tie wedding coming up this weekend, I went on a hunt to some of my favourite vintage shops of Toronto.

Was it successful?  I'm not sure...

I found and purchased a long black Diana Vreeland type gown.  If you don't know who she is (that's her in the photo), look her up.  Mad cool lady!  

I love the dress, but I am not sure my man will.  And I usually take him into consideration when designing anything.  Would he be attracted?  Will he want to tear it off me?

I just don't think that will happen with this one... but I feel soooo good in it!  So, I'm going with it.  I don't even think I will show him the dress until two minutes before we leave for the wedding, and I don't think I'll bring a back up plan either.

Moral of the story... sometimes a lady has to dress for what makes her feel good, and it may not be something that is oh so sexy for her man to look at, but if you feel feminine, confident, and stand tall, I think that's a winner!

And I think that's all I want this weekend...


p.s. maybe I'll post a photo post weekend of the long black number.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Best of the Met Gala 2013 (the Taessa version)

Last night's Met Gala is comparable to the Oscars for the fashion industry.  The theme this year at the Costume Institute is "Punk: Chaos to Couture".  Highlights are pieces from Vivienne Westwood, London's punk fashion designer of the times, as well as some of Versace's more statement designs, such as the safety pin dress worn by Elizabeth Hurley ages ago.  It's interesting to see how everyone has interpreted the theme, some literal, some oh so thematic (note Marc Jacobs & Sofia Coppola in their pajamas, because they just don't care), but for the most part, the ladies looked beautiful with edge, a combination that I love.  I'm hoping to check out the exhibition before it closes in August (save your couch for me, Tanya).

Here's my favourite red carpet photos, courtesy of ...

#1 Cara Delevingne in Burberry
This one wins hands down!   She's my favourite model these days (who doesn't love her, right?) and she is just pulling off that badass vibe big time!  Plus, this is just a really cool dress period.

#2 Kate Bosworth in Balmain
Apparently pink is the colour of punk, and she just rocks this little dress.  Perfect length in my opinion- when people start to think it's a top!

#3 Rooney Mara in Givenchy
This is the first time I am seeing white lace look hard.  It's usually typically dainty and romantic, but the edge to this dress is wicked!

#4 Sienna Miller in Burberry Prorsum
I always love her, no matter what (she is definitely on my wish list of who to dress).  She looks so happy and fun and cool, as always!

#5 Greta Gerwig in Saint Laurent
Not going to lie, I had to look her up, and then was like, "oh ya, I know who she is".  Love the dress, would wear it in a second!  Too many necklaces in my opinion, but to each their own.  Like the hair too!

#6 Chloë Sevigny in Proenza Schouler
It's not really about the dress here, it's her look!  That whole "I don't give a ...." look I love about her.  I bet we would be great friends.

#7 Carey Mulligan in Balenciaga 
Love the triangle cut, plus this is just a really clean, modern dress.  
But how could she look so sad in it?

Monday, May 6, 2013

Summer '13 Shoot

It's been feeling a lot like summer here lately in Toronto, a perfect time to start wearing long flowy dresses, bold prints, and sheer little numbers.

Here are a few of my favourite shots from a photo shoot we did last week...

a two tier cream crepe with white chiffon tank 
paired with the tropical printed skinny pant

The tropical print is amazing for every woman- the colour combination [green, peach, yellow, nude, white, touch of black] guaranteed works for any and every skin tone.

black perforated one shoulder tea length dress

I love perforated fabrics for summer- breathable + uber sexy.

black and white printed halter maxi dress

I think each woman should have at least one of these staple summer dresses in her closet.  They take you from day to night, are very comfortable, light weight, and easy to pack for any occasion- you know those events when you don't know the dress code and don't want to under or over dress- this is the dress for that!

cream crepe jumpsuit

Anyone who knows my line knows I like to try a fancy jumpsuit each season.  
This one is heavenly for summer... and like I've said a gazillion times before- men love the jumpsuit!

black and white stripe tank 
paired with the tropical printed tea length skirt

I love my stripes, always have, and don't these two prints combined look fabulous together?  The tea length skirt has a bit of fun pouf and is the perfect length for every woman!

Contributions by

Model- Pamela Lincez.  Pam is my wonderful, amazing sister-in-law who was visiting for the weekend.  I felt bad I put her to work as soon as she got here, but doesn't she just look stunning!  I couldn't resist.

Photographer- Elise Windsor.  I was introduced to Elise through my husband (they've worked together in a previous life), and I must say, I liked her vibe big time the second I met her.  She got my style and vision right away, and was a ton of fun to work alongside.  I'd love to work with her again!

Hair & Make Up- Stefanie Mather.  Stef and I have recently become great friends after a heavenly trip to Costa Rica this winter.  She was amazing pre shoot (loooove how she did Pam's hair!) and was surprised how great she was during the shoot as well to help give direction and suggestions for the looks.

What a fun group of gals to work alongside for an afternoon!  

Monday, April 29, 2013

... the transparency of TAESSA CHORNY Co.

Just for the record, with full disclosure, you can count on a few things when you purchase anything TAESSA CHORNY

1. I design each piece myself.  I do not hire a design team and then put my name on a piece.  Each design comes straight from my head (usually my dreams), and then is transformed onto paper, pattern, and finally garment.

2. I source fabrics from Canada.  The companies I wholesale from are in Montreal, and rarely do I source a fabric otherwise.  Well, case in point, my husband was recently in India and brought me back personally a whole bunch of fabrics (silks and linens).  They were purchased from the fabric weavers themselves.

3. All of my garments are cut & sewn in downtown Toronto, in my atelier (which is small, but really cute).

... so if you are ever wondering why I don't charge $50 for a dress, the above are a few reasons why.

Friday, April 12, 2013

What's Stella Wearing?

I'm starting a new edition to the blog, based on what my friends in the atelier are wearing.  I have two permanent girlfriends always here with me, Lola & Stella.

Lola is a standing mannequin in the window (a birthday present from my best friends a few years back- I know, a bizarre gift request, right?)

Stella was a purchase through the infamous craigslist last year when I decided to start the atelier.  She got a makeover (paint job) and now has become a permanent fixture here.

Here's Stella in a s/s number... a One Shoulder, just below the knee, ruffled black perforated dress.  I am in love with perforated fabric for this season. It's so simple, a bit retro, and has a sheerness that is so effortlessly sexy.  It is also extremely breathable with all those holes, ha ha!

Three sizes available at the atelier (small, medium, and large).  

Sunday, April 7, 2013

The L B D... how about the L B J (little black jumpsuit)?

We all have the staple black dress in the closet, the go-to for any occasion, but let's be honest, showing up to an event in the L B D does nothing anymore.

What I mean by this is that there is little to no impression left on the crowd, and isn't that what a dress or piece of fashion should do?

But what about the L B J?  The jumpsuit has come around over the past few years- in all cuts, prints, shapes and sizes.  Have you ever considered wearing one to a fancy cocktail party, a night out, or a wedding?

I wore this one to a wedding last autumn and not only was I extremely comfortable, but I had one girl come up to me and say "other than the bride tonight, we all think you look the best and hottest!"
I am not exaggerating, it is what the jumpsuit does for the woman wearing it.

This one I designed a few years ago, but it has remained a staple over the years.  It is modern, classic, sexy (yes, the men love it too!) and extremely comfortable.
It is made of microfibre, has a v neck cut, spaghetti straps, gathered waist (to flatter you at your tiniest), and side pockets.

It has also become a piece that many women have come to me for a custom commission.  Just last week I designed one (based on the one shown) for a new friend and client of mine, Stef.  She wore it out to a charity event on Thursday, and by the text I received yesterday from her, it was a hit (for her and by all the women around her who loved it).

Next time you're thinking of something a bit different for an event, consider the L B J, by TAESSA CHORNY of course!  I've even designed one for summer in a cream crepe as either an alternate to the white wedding dress or as a wardrobe change for any bride around 10 pm when they want to get out of that corseted, barely can breathe in wedding gown and want to dance the night away with their friends & family!